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Submission + - Putin Orders Russian Move to GNU/Linux ( 2

Glyn Moody writes: Vladimir Putin has signed an order calling for Russian federal authorities to move to GNU/Linux, and for the creation of "a single repository of free software used in the federal bodies of executive power". There have been a number of Russian projects to roll out free software, notably in the educational sector, but none so far has really taken off. With the backing of Putin, could this be the breakthrough free software has been waiting for?
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Putin Orders Russian Move to GNU/Linux

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  • Is now free Russia.
    • Back in the day, circa 1997, the fledgling Open Source movement came under fire for being a communist, especially the Linux operating system. (being the hippy free-code love-in that it is). No doubt those detractors will be saying "told you so!"

      I'm surprised though that this hasn't happened sooner. With MS's connections to the US government, how could Putin know windows is not leaking his keys?

      Well I think we're going to see OSS get tested. No doubt that the hackers will start targeting Russian government

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