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Submission + - JavaScript Gameboy Emulator, Redux (i-programmer.info) 1

Prosthetic_Lips writes: Now we have a GameBoy Color emulator written in HTML5/JavaScript and it will run ROM images stored locally. What is amazing is that it runs the games at a playable speed.

Yes, this was first covered 6 months ago ( http://developers.slashdot.org/story/10/11/05/2334206/A-JavaScript-Gameboy-Emulator-Detailed-In-8-Parts ), but it seems like it is pretty complete at this point. You can load roms stored locally, and keep data using localStorage.

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JavaScript Gameboy Emulator, Redux

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  • FYI: My gameboy color emulator is not related to imran's gameboy emulator. His is still incomplete while mine actually is already pretty much complete. If you look at the source code, they are completely different projects. And to those on twitter who are saying it's not open source, how about trying a 5 second google search: https://github.com/grantgalitz/GameBoy-Online [github.com] It's on github. :)

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