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Feed ThinkGeek: Gadgets : MONSTROUS iPhone Battery (

Rechargeable iPhone battery extender gives juice for up to 11 hours of videoQuite possibly the most ridiculous iPhone battery extender we could find! It'll give you 500 hours standby, 8.5 hours talk or internet, 10 hours WiFi, 40 hours of audio or 11 hours of video. Yeah, it's that nuts. $59.99

Feed ThinkGeek: V-Cube Saves Area Man from Death (

As you may have heard, it snowed a little bit here in Virginia last week. And before you say, "Oh, those silly Southerners! Four feet of snow is just a sign of spring!" we'd like you hear this true story of a local area man's brush with the snowpocalypse.

Billy was snowed in at home and, like most of us, was passing the time in front of his computer. Yetis are naturally frightened of microprocessors so this was a logical choice.

After updating his Facebook status with details on his dwindling pantry (canned beans, tacbac, and pickle juice) and tweeting "This sucks. #snomg" at least three times, Billy leaned back in his chair to grab his V-Cube--a 7x7x7 cube of Rubiksian frustration--to give it another shot.

Just as he leaned back and reached, a tree fell through his house and crushed his desk and computer. The tree missed him by two feet.

Was the internet punishing Billy for complaining about the snow all week? Did the V-Cube save Billy's life so he'd have a chance at solving it? Or will Billy meet his grisly end after solving the V-Cube and it no longer needs him to fulfill its mission?

Good luck, Billy. And don't bring that V-Cube anywhere near ThinkGeek HQ.

Actual snowpocalypse photograph

Actual photograph moments after the tree attack. Now what will keep the Yetis away?

Feed ThinkGeek: Geek Toys : Donkey Kong Jenga (

Rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong before the tower topples! Climb, Mario, climb! Quality, real wood Jenga set with everything you loved about classic Donkey Kong. Play Jenga the old-fashioned way, or use the spinner, climbing Mario pieces, and the Donkey Kong rules to rescue Pauline from the big ape! $19.99

Feed ThinkGeek: Geek Toys : Halo Risk (

Five armies, three factions. Who will conquer Arcadia?The fate of Arcadia is in your hands. Will you conquer the world for the humans, the Covenant, or the evil parasitic Flood? Way cooler than classic Risk, because let's face it, everything is cooler when Halo is involved.

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