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Journal Journal: Hardware Hacking Helpdesk, Part 2: Glue 1

Welcome back for more safety tips. Last time we learned how not to use a soldering iron and today we will move on to probably the next most popular nerd/geek tool which is, of course, glue.

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Journal Journal: Scientificalisms: Meteorites and Fossils, Part I

When he's not keeping strange hours producing even stranger prototypes, we sometimes let our resident mad scientist out of his lab. Hans is a huge fan of the annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, so we always release him for that.

Feed ThinkGeek: We pity the fools in April (

Unless you're from bizarro world, you probably realize by now that ThinkGeek enjoys fooling you all with impossible products on April Fools Day. We always try and make our ideas funny yet plausible, which tends to get us in trouble. Why? Because every year we seem to come up with something so weird and fantastic that you actually really really want it. This year it was the Tauntaun sleeping bag, an idea cooked up by Christian, the ThinkGeek designer monkey. The concept was made perfect by Hans's suggestion to make the zipper pull a lightsaber. Brilliant! To make the joke as realistic as possible, we actually had a prototype made by our uber geeky and crafy friend, Misty. Be sure to check out her blog post on how she made it. As you can see from our before and after, we had to tweak it a little in Photoshop, but Misty's prototype was amazing even before we modified it.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Prototype Some other fun April Fools tidbits: #1) The Squeeze bacon was actually made from frosting! We wanted something that would hold up well under photography and video conditions and not go rancid. A combo of shortening, powdered sugar, food coloring, wheat germ created the bacon-looking goo, while the bottle was from a product called 'Coco Real' which we just spray painted and labeled up. It was edible, but it wasn't bacon. #2) Our unicorn chaser was made using pink body wash and lots of glitter, and was decidedly not edible. #3) Those portal shirts took a long time to prototype well, and in our case, the cake was not only not a lie, but delicious!!

We hope you guys had as much of a blast as we did and if you haven't yet, be sure to take a gander at all of our 4/1 goodies. Also, if you are interested in actually owning a Tauntaun sleeping bag, get details here on signing up to get emailed if and when it's released.

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Journal Journal: Dell Power Edge 2950 Plays April Fools on ThinkGeek

April Fools' Day is huge at ThinkGeek. The highest point in our traffic graphs every year. Here's one codemonkey's experience on the big day this year.

Beltway Prophet writes

Setting: Jacob finally gets to sleep at 5:15 this morning after 22 hours of uptime leading up to April Fools' Day at ThinkGeek HQ. Two hours later, his company phone starts making its "alert" sound.


PHONE: Bleem!

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