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Journal ThinkGeek's Journal: Hardware Hacking Helpdesk, Part 2: Glue 1

Welcome back for more safety tips. Last time we learned how not to use a soldering iron and today we will move on to probably the next most popular nerd/geek tool which is, of course, glue.

Glue, as we all know, is a compound in a liquid or semi-liquid state used to bond things together... I could go on but then that's what wikipedia is for.

1. As with a soldering iron, ventilation is suggested.

2. Don't forget to cap or close any glue and not just put it down on your work space while you hold two pieces of a model together. I've scraped more than one tube of dried glue off my desk.

3. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Because while we all have joked about gluing ourselves to model bits or to yourself it's a lot less funny when you realize that you have just created a nice bond between your two model pieces and both of your thumbs. It's also less funny to try to separate yourself from the pieces and from yourself while your apparently heartless significant other takes the opportunity to laugh at you until she cries.

4. Use care when opening glue containers. Most super glue comes in a small tube with a sealed nozzle. This nozzle is opened with a small barb (of course try not to stab yourself). Now make sure to hold the nozzle at its base and not the soft tube itself. If you hold it by the tube and apply pressure you may luck out and open your tube of glue - or it may instead explode, covering your hand in a thin layer of glue (like it did to me). Thankfully because of the quantity of glue you should be able to pull the ruined tube off your hand before the glue sets (but sometimes pieces remain, and they are sharp) and with luck you will look like you have a molting reptile hand for only a month or so as the glue and your skin slowly fall off.

And so, glue... simple and surprisingly dangerous. And remember if you do manage to glue yourself to something or to yourself (or someone else) don't just rip or pull yourself free, unless you really don't like skin being attached. Warm water will help with a lot of glue issues or Dawn cleaner. Failing that, you might want to see a doctor. Don't forget to stop by next time for more lessons learned through my pain.


If you missed it, read Hardware Hacking Helpdesk, Part 1: Soldering

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Hardware Hacking Helpdesk, Part 2: Glue

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  • While I don't use nail polish, my SO does occassionally so there is always nail polish remover in the house.

    Nail polish remover is a very good solvent for things like superglue. Apply to stuck body part or the layer on your fingers from holding the pieces together that you just glued together.

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